Layout Approval

Procedure for Approval of Layout in Gram Panchayat areas:

The land owner shall submit written application in prescribed form (Under Sub Section (3) of Section 1of layout and building rules issued in G.O.Ms.No.67 PR and RD (Pts-IV) Dt:26.2.2002). of Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act 1994.

1.  The application shall contain a site plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1:1000 site documents, layout plans, FMB sketches, topo-detailed plans/ contour plans, Encumbrance Certificate, extract of Base Map/Master Plan

2.  On receipt of layout application, the Panchayat Secretary shall call for further particulars if any required or forward the proposal to DTCPO’s / Regional Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning with in 15 days.(If the further particulars are called for by Panchayat Secretary  the applicant shall furnish the same with in 10 days and the proposal with full particulars with remarks shall be forwarded to DTCPO’s / Regional Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning with in 15 days from the date in receipt of particulars as per sub-section (3) of  Section 11 of APPR Act 1994).

3.  The Director of Town and Country Planning will examine the proposals and forward a tentative layout to Panchayat Secretary showing road pattern and open space with a request to communicate the same to the applicant for demarcation. If the applicant has not agreed with the layout pattern, he may ask for revision of Tentative Layout with in 15 days.  If agrees, he may demarcate the roads and open space within 30 days and submit demarcated layout plans with requirement of plots etc. The same shall be verified by the Panchayat Secretary and the report shall be submit to the Director of Town and Country Planning /Regional Deputy Director of Town Planning for approval of final layout.

4.  After receipt or feasibility reports from DTCPO’s / Regional Deputy Director of Town Planning, basing on the reports, the final layout with L.P.No.(Technical approval) will be sent to Panchayat Secretary along with conditions to be imposed while releasing the layout then the Panchayat Secretary  shall within 15 days of the receipt of the Technical approval, communicate the layout approval to the applicant with such conditions and modifications subject to which the layout.

5.  The Technically approved layout will be placed before the council for its  Sanction (The Council may with in 90 days from the date of receipt of recommendations of the Director of Town and Country Planning, sanction layout having due regard to such recommendations and subject to such conditions).  After acceptance of the council the Panchayat Secretary will direct the applicant (to form the roads, drains etc.) fulfill the conditions laid down and to hand over the roads and open space through registered gift deed to local body at free of cost for maintenance.

6.  Any application not disposed of within a period of 90 days from the date of receipt in the Panchayat office of the required particulars in respect of such application shall be deemed to have been sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of this Act Under Sub(iii) of Sub-Sec (6) of layout rules U/S 163 of layout and building rules.

7. The application shall form the roads and to provide other amenities as per the orders of council to the satisfaction of the (Secretary) and to handed over to Panchayat Secretary with in two year from the date of receipt of the approval of layout.  (Under Sub Section (7) of Section 163) of APPR Act 1994.

8.  The details of roads and open spaces handed over to the Panchayat Secretary will be placed again to council and the layout will be released finally to the applicant for disposal of plots and security deposit / bank guarantee / mortgaged land will be released.

9.  Building permission in the layout plots shall be issued by the Panchayat Secretary as Roads and open spaces are deemed to have been handed over as per the provision of G.O.Ms.No.67 PR&RD (PTs – VI) DT: 26-2-2002.