The duties and functions of the Director of Town and Country Planning can be divided into Technical – Statutory-Non-statutory, advisory and administrative.

The Technical statutory functions.

  • Preparation of General Town Planning Schemes (Master Plans)
  • Preparation of Indicative Land Use Plans (Mandal Master Plans)
  • Technical  Approval of Layouts
  • Technical Approval of Buildings Plans. (Group Housing), Commercial complexes
  • Preparation and approval of type designs for community and public buildings
  • Technical Clearance of Installations (Industries)
  • Approval of Road Development Plans.
  • NOC for Cinema Theatres / Multiplexes.

The Technical non-statuary functions.

  • Allocation of IDSMT funds (The scheme is already closed in the year 2005 and the work of approved components is under progress)
  • Approval of Designs for Public and Community Buildings
  • Suggesting variations to the sanctioned Master Plans

Advisory Functions.

  • Advisor to Urban Development Authorities, Telangana Housing Board, Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, Telangana Pollution Control Board, Telangana Swagruha Housing Corporation and Government on planning matters.
  • Advises on selection of sites and services of Municipal Councils.